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Boy Names, Girl Names, Or Gender-Neutral Names

Boy Names, Girl Names, Or Gender-Neutral Names

By: Daniel Marcus Manson | Jul 9, 2009 | 338 words | 2115 views
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In choosing a name for our unborn babies we of course want to insure that the name selected is appropriate in every way. This includes the fact that we want our baby’s name to have a pleasing sound and maybe even a special meaning attached to it. So we pour over websites and books to find that perfect name for our perfect little baby boy or girl.

After the name is finally selected the parents-to-be can happily mark that task off their to-do list of preparation for the new arrival. Even with today’s technology strange things do sometimes happen. More than a few new parents have discovered that the little boy they thought was coming turned out to be a little girl, or vice-versa. Then the scramble for a suitable name begins.

The saving grace for parents can be the selection of a gender-neutral name. Although the spelling of such names is sometimes altered the pronunciation is generally the same. Let’s take a look at ten of these names:

* Alex
* Carson
* Casey
* Drew
* Jamie
* Jaylen
* Morgan
* Ryan
* Sydney
* Tyler

As you look over that short list you are probably having your own ideas of which ones are more suitable for boys and which are girl names. The truth is that these names, and many others, are popular choices for both sexes. However, some of them are definitely used more often for one gender than the other.

In reality, a gender-neutral name often provides more originality and adds an interesting twist. Check out the following list:

* Cameron
* Dakota
* Parker
* Peyton
* Reagan
* Reese
* Taylor
* Skylar
* Chase
* Jessie

Although you may immediately sense that some of these names are better suited for a male, or for a female, that may be due to your past experiences. Perhaps you once knew someone with that name and so you are predisposed to associating it with that gender. However, keeping an open mind regarding the gender-appropriateness of such names will provide you with a much wider selection of name choices. Why limit yourself to fewer choices – explore all your options!

Author Description :

Harley McPhergason is the daughter of motorcycle enthusiasts. She owns and operates a baby boutique in Florida. Ms. McPhergason (Harley), often shares with her customers the advantages that her unique name has provided. Harley advises that her gender-neutral name allows her to maintain gender anonymity in her business dealings – which can sometimes be beneficial. According to her, when choosing Baby Names it is best to select one that is original and that stands out for one reason or another. Ms. McPhergason stated that the name ‘Harley’ has opened doors for her that would have otherwise remained closed. Why? As she says, “As unfair as it may be, some people have pre-conceived ideas about Name Meanings and that usually works in your favor!”

Boy Names, Girl Names, Or Gender-Neutral Names

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