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Celebrate With Flowers

Celebrate With Flowers

By: Rakesh Gaikwad | Oct 10, 2008 | 501 words | 413 views
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Wedding anniversaries are special occasion which deserve recognition, one of the simplest ways is to send flowers to the couple to celebrate their special day. Each year of marriage is associated with a different flower and therefore asking the florist to incorporate this into a bouquet or arrangement shows that extra care and thought has been considered in the gift. If, due to seasonal availability of a specific years’ anniversary flower makes it impossible then a suitable alternative may be to include the flower that it represented by the month in which the anniversary falls.

Special wedding anniversaries such as sliver, pearl, ruby and golden deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated in a distinctive way. Sending the couple flowers is the perfect gift to show that you care and embrace their achievement.

The twenty five years of marriage is marked by celebrating with the colour silver, although there a few flowers which are solely silver in colour there are different foliages which can be incorporated into floral displays and arrangements to indicate that thought and care has been sent. Alternatively silver coloured containers, vases and decorative ribbons can be used to display a variety of different hand tied bouquets. Many florists also offer additional items such as champagne with silver coloured ice buckets to send alongside flowers to make the occasion really special.

The pearl anniversary is celebrated for thirty years of marriage, flowers which are creamy coloured are the most apt to send. There are a whole host of different cream flowers available from understated carnations to beautiful cream coloured roses or spring daffodils. Gypsophila, more commonly known as ‘Baby’s breath’ has delicate white flowers which are typically used as a filler in more traditional style of bouquets, these dainty flowers are a useful ingredient to depict pearls for this anniversary.

Probably one of the easiest special anniversaries which spoil for choice in the wide range of colour variations available is the ruby wedding. A whole host of rich ruby red coloured flowers are available throughout the year, from deep rich roses to carnations and tulips in the spring. A hand tied bouquet of red roses is quintessentially a beautiful gesture showing love and affection, for more unusual and contemporary designs include red carnations packed tightly onto a clear square vase.

For those who are celebrating fifty years of marriage, their golden wedding anniversary there are some spectacular delightful arrangements and bouquets to send the happy couple. Golden coloured flowers such as a rose makes a truly endearing gift to celebrate this marked occasion. Large bouquets which incorporate golden hues such as peaches and yellows are very appropriate to depict the colour of gold.

Whichever anniversary is being celebrated sending flowers by post to relatives or friends is a thoughtful gesture which will be cherished and appreciated by the happy couple. Although traditionally men send their wives and partners flowers as an gift, fashion trends have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of flowers sent by women to husbands and partners to celebrate years spent together.

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Celebrate With Flowers

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