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Chinese Zodiac Compatibility : Pig and Rat

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility : Pig and Rat

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The Rat and the Pig love material comforts, socializing and having fun. The Rat however is a very frugal person whereas the Pig likes to spend, spend and spend. The Rat will always point out to Pig's expensive ways and Pig will brush the critisisms aside and find a way to reolve tension.The Rat may get irritated by the Pig's innocence but the Pig wins over the Rat's confidence with care and devotion.

Pig Personality
Pigs are very peaceful, caring, tolerant individuals who live life to the fullest. If they don’t have anything interesting to do Pigs will immerse themselves in household chores and do it to perfection. Pigs are very peace loving individuals and they will do anything for the sake of family and friends.

Pigs are big time money spenders. They love good food, clothes, jewelry and stylish homes. They will do good in any profession that demands creativity. They are very enthusiastic when it comes to taking on responsibility and will also jump in to give a helping hand to colleagues.

Pigs are very strong companions. They make very warm and caring lovers but back off when their partner gets too opinionated. Pigs are very warm individuals but they may come across as reserved in public. Pigs have a great thirst for knowledge. Because of this nature they make never become easily bored with life.

Rat Personality
Rats do not confide in people although they are very chatty. Though they exude a very calm air they can be very nervous people inside. Rats have a tendency to collect kick-knacks and a Rat person’s house will sure to be filled with a lot of things.

Rats are not very romantic people. But when they are with a highly compatible partner they can be very intense and passionate.

Rats always save for a rainy day. Rats are not much into the “a la mode” concept. Their homes may not be luxurious but it will be filled with warmth. Rats are very domestic and take very good care of their family.

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Chinese Zodiac Compatibility : Pig and Rat

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