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Emergence of the Divine Feminine

Emergence of the Divine Feminine

By: Cindy Silbert | Nov 4, 2008 | 771 words | 328 views
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There was a time in ancient history when feminine power reigned and was worshiped. Somewhere, somehow a cord was broken, a connection was lost and feminine power was forced to succumb to the harshness of masculine power. As a result, we’ve become fragmented from altering, twisting and contorting ourselves to avoid conflict with masculine power and accomplish what we’ve been called upon to accomplish.

Just when we thought we had the masculine power thing down, the Divine Feminine is now turning the tables on us. There is no denying that lately something’s been up with a powerful force outside ourselves changing everything around us. Partially what’s occurring is the Divine Feminine has hit her limit and now is boldly emerging to heal what’s been broken, lost and abandoned. She is reclaiming the power that is rightfully hers. As a result, we too are feeling unsettled, uprooted, exhausted, frustrated and fed up! Of course, this is not reflective of the Divine Feminine ultimate intention. She’s clearing what is not divinely feminine and making way for what is - nurturing of our planet, unification of our global community and love of our selves. In the mean time, her emergence is affecting each of us individually on a deep emotional and energetic level. She’s not only reweaving every intricacy within us but also the feminine fabric and thread that connects us.

What’s different about the emergence of the Divine Feminine is she’s not necessarily waiting for you to call upon her, she’s actively reaching out to you. Take a moment to consider what’s been happening in your life and whether she’s already made a connection. Evidence she indeed has been intervening in your life can look like you’re wanting to or actually quitting your job, starting your own business, unexplained health issues, taking-up or deepening your Yoga or meditation practice. Possibly, you are being drawn to books, statues or other symbols representative of her, channeling through your creative expression, such as your home decor, no longer feeling inclined to do everything yourself or cleansing your life of what no longer serves you.

Her touch at the moment can feel like all hell is breaking loose or you are finally realizing who you are, what you want and standing your ground at all costs. If you don’t resist her, the Divine Feminine will guide you to change your life, alleviate stress and put yourself first. She’ll wash away deep emotional wounds and related health issues. She’ll help you face and conquer your fears. She’ll guide you to seek refuge within yourself and gracefully guide you to true self-expression and power.

Here are some ways you can further connect with the Divine Feminine:

1) Call on her by chanting or meditating mantras such as Shakti or Ma or just saying Divine Mother three times. You can do this prior to Yoga or meditation, in the morning or other times of quiet contemplation. 2) Place pictures in your sacred space of Divine Feminine figures that call to you such as Mary Magdalene, Guan Yin, White Tara or other goddesses or angels. 3) Notice where you are guided and do things that bring out your feminine. Invite other women to do the same and share your experiences.

I encourage you to open up to the Divine Feminine energy that surrounds you. This is an incredible time for you and all women as you have the support of a powerful energy that wants your heart to be deeply fulfilled. Follow her lead as she nudges you, or in some cases pushes you, to make changes in your life. Trust that everything will eventually shift in a way that you’re more grounded, balanced, more expressed and more powerful than ever before.

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Emergence of the Divine Feminine

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