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Get Of Your Fear Of Driving A Car

Get Of Your Fear Of Driving A Car

By: Ram Gunjal | Oct 4, 2009 | 558 words | 262 views
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At this point, I know you feel scared, upset and maybe even a little discouraged by the difficulty that you encounter in your concern, always ask what I can do to overcome my fear or driving a car. Maybe you do not have your driver's license or perhaps too scared to try, because the stress gets the better of you or even to the point of having a panic attack. You could possibly think it's just something you have to learn to live with and can not be helped or have completely avoided when you have a fear to do with something that many others seem to perform so easily, I know its easy to feel different and alone.

Well the fact of the matter, it is simply not true, it is not impossible, your fear or worry about driving a car can be defeated and you are not alone.

Being taught how to not be afraid to drive!

Driving fear is what is called a conditioned response. Every time you drive, or maybe just thinking about it, your subconscious remembers what happened the last time you went driving and how you responded. It is easy for us to remember because of the strong emotional imprint left it in your mind. Your subconscious associates wrongly, that the fear of the reaction to the conduct and assumes that it will be hazardous and dangerous and causes the flight or flight response.

This learning involves the formation of 'neural pathways in the brain.

While you drive and you experience the fear of driving your car, you support the mistaken belief of your brain and make routes more nervous, causing a reaction more rapid and intense phobia, mainly conditioned you to be afraid! It's the process we learn many things, like biking. Initially, you have to concentrate very hard and be careful what you do if you do not fall, and it is awkward as the brain forging neural pathways for the proper balance and coordination.

Before you know, like the neural pathways to reproduce and grow stronger, you ride and making countless small adjustments, without even thinking. Everything becomes involuntary, so now when you drive you do not really think about it, you automatically do it and the amazing part is that your subconscious knows how. Similarly, in addition to the nerve pathways are formed in the brain linked to fear of driving, they produce an anxiety response, which is almost on autopilot and further impressed in your subconscious, until it finally separate from you even think about it.

The training of the brain happens unconsciously.

The answer to overcoming this burning question of how to overcome my fear of driving, is to erase the old ways of limiting neuronal anxiety and replace them with new neural pathways of peace and assurance. With all this happening at a subconscious level, why most programs and therapies will not succeed because they try to solve a problem unconscious on a conscious level and it simply does not !

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Get Of Your Fear Of Driving A Car

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