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Gillespie's Reformation's Refining Fire & Iconoclastic Zeal

Gillespie's Reformation's Refining Fire & Iconoclastic Zeal

By: SWRB | Feb 20, 2011 | 600 words | 166 views
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Welcome to SWRB's online summary of the free Covenanter Audio Book, "Reformation's Refining Fire; or, Iconoclastic Zeal Necessary to World Reformation" by George Gillespie.

This sermon, read by elder Lyndon Dohms, was originally preached to the House of Lords in the abbey church at Westminster during the days of the Westminster Assembly (on August 27, 1645). It deals with Malachi 3:2 and can also be found in volume one of Gillespie's Works. The reading is approximately 80 minutes in length and for content this is likely the best sermon that we have ever carried. The glory of Christ is magnified in a soul stirring manner and at a level which is seldom (if ever) reached in our day. Though preaching before some of the most powerful men of his day, Gillespie does nothing to shave off the sharp edges of the whole counsel of God. He makes it abundantly clear that spiritual Reformation (individual, ecclesiastical and civil) is like a flaming fire which burns the dross of the flesh and is often hated and opposed by those that cry loudest for "Reform." On the other hand, the refining fire of Reformation which pleases God (and comes from His fatherly hands, filled with mercy, love and grace), not only turns his wrath from the nations (by granting the grace to remove the causes of His wrath), but invigorates the spirit with that iconoclastic zeal against sin (whether personal or corporate) that can only be produced by His sovereign power. Whole-hearted (covenanted) reformation is contrasted, throughout this sermon, with the half-hearted comfortable Christianity that has been common in most ages. Gillespie wields the sword of Scripture as few can in driving home a multitude of vitally important points. This sermon can be listened to over and over with increasing profit, as it contains a fullness which is almost impossible to absorb in just one sitting. Don't miss this one; it is a real gem!

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Gillespie's Reformation's Refining Fire & Iconoclastic Zeal

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