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Health is wealth

Health is wealth

By: Imran ali | Jan 8, 2010 | 283 words | 2403 views
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The well known proverb, “health is wealth” goes for everyone who does not know what health is. Too often we don’t realize the existence of health until we lose it. This goes even for a little baby. Babies are the most sensitive human beings. A little carelessness is fatal for a baby and affects it in the long run. The mothers have to monitor their baby’s health. The latest technology is making a lot of efforts to educate the new mothers on the health of their new born babies.

The proper ability to understand child’s feelings and anxiety helps to treat the illness exactly. Mother’s first tack would be to try and calm her child. In most cases it is difficult to communicate with the child and hence difficult to know whether the child is having a stomach ache. Some mothers show great impatience and anger when her child is sick. This should not happen even if it is a complete new baby as it makes the child feel worse.

The best way to prevent illness is to educate the mothers well before having a baby. Health education through mass media or through special classes must be arranged. This education is not only to make mothers aware of the baby’s needs but they also teach the mothers to take care of themselves. Mothers have to look after themselves along with their babies. This study includes giving proper knowledge to maintain a hygienic condition throughout baby’s first few months. Mainly the objects of this education gives them proper guidelines on nutritional facts, knowledge on feeding habits, recognition of illnesses, grooming babies in a safe way and prevention of infections. Find more info about newborn baby care here.

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