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Jewelry Boxes and Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry Boxes and Jewelry Organizers

By: Joseph Celbert | Jun 15, 2010 | 480 words | 245 views
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When you have too many jewelry pieces and don't know where to safely keep them, now you can organize and protect your elegantly designed jewelry with the all new jewelry organizer or jewelry box. You can be able to find beautiful wooden jewelry boxes or lovely hanging jewelry organizers, and then you can start creating your own smart jewelry storage solution for your closet or dresser top. Jewelry boxers and jewelry stands flamboyantly display your Hello Kitty necklaces, Hello Kitty bracelets, Hello Kitty watches, and other precious Hello Kitty jewelry accessories. Whereas, your jewelry organizers such as the necklace holders and earring screens can store and magnificently display much larger Hello Kitty jewelry collections.

First among the row is the wall mounted jewelry cabinet that perfectly provides a very secure place to artfully organize earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other treasured jewelry pieces. From jewelry cabinets with a magnetic door closure to locking jewelry cabinets, these elegantly fashioned wall mounted jewelry organizers are made from durable hardwood and have mirrors on their doors. In other words, this jewelry cabinet looks simply like a wall mirror; thereby nobody will suspect that it hides valuable items.

Another jewelry organizer enables you to tidy up messy areas in your home or in the office by putting in order your jewelry accessories in a four-drawer acrylic storage chest. This multipurpose organizer has rubber feet for better steadiness. Interestingly, this also offers a stackable shape for bigger storage space. Made in USA, this four-drawer storage unit features an entirely durable crystal acrylic. This lovely organizer includes 4 storage-drawers that precisely measures about 1.5" high x 3.75" wide x 4.25" deep. Moreover, its detachable four-drawers allow for fast and easy jewelry organizing. For greater stability and surfaces protection, the bottom corners have rubber feet, which are no-slip. The corner pads perfectly suit the patterned top for protected and easy stacking with numerous storage places. Also, its stacking design is perfectly well-suited with the gorgeous Two-Drawer Acrylic Storage Chest. Above all, this jewelry organizer is definitely ideal for expedient organization, storage, flamboyantly display of art and craft materials, office supplies, jewelry, and a whole lot more.

Another organizer is the Wall Mounted Jewelry Cabinet that is utterly made of solid wood and is definitely available in a assortment of finishes, which lets you choose a design that perfectly matches your room decoration. A locking mechanism and mirror on the outer part of the door truly make this jewelry box a great addition to your closet. This exquisitely beautiful wall mounted cabinet is very easy to install and does really not take up dresser area unlike the traditional boxes or floor space like armoires. This elegantly designed wooden organizer is definitely available without a lock, with a magnetic, or with a standard key locking mechanism. For security reasons, this organizer can be connected to your existing security system with no trouble at all.

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Jewelry Boxes and Jewelry Organizers

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