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The Most Important Key to Success

The Most Important Key to Success

By: Eric Twitty | Nov 14, 2008 | 592 words | 388 views
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There are many keys to success. Knowledge, persistence, and the willingness to take risks are a few. There is one in my opinion that stands out above all others. That key is the ability and willingness to take action. Without action all other keys are meaningless.

This is a common problem with the self-improvement programs out there. Some do a good job teaching you a particular subject but it is up to the reader to apply what they have learned to their life. Every one would like to improve their quality of life but few are willing to put forth the effort necessary. They spend countless hours studying the areas they would like to most improve but they never take the actions necessary to turn their dreams into reality.

Remember a dream is just a dream until you turn it into reality. Vision without action is meaningless. Stop telling yourself that you will take action when you have the time, or have more money, or have more knowledge. Excuses have no place in the path to success.

There are very few reasons out there that you cannot achieve what you want. If you keep thinking that you will take action when your situation is better you are kidding yourself. You have to take action to make positive changes in your life. Don't wait around for the changes to happen for you.

Don't let the life you want to live pass you by. Don't be one of those people who look back 10 years from now and say, "I wish I would have started when I was younger." Take the knowledge you learn and start applying it to your life immediately. Even if you take action and fail that is fine. Not taking action is admitting failure. At least if you try you have the chance of making positive changes in your life.

Action is what ties together all the other ingredients of success. Without it you accomplish nothing. Your entire life is left to chance. Leaving my life to chance is not good enough for me. I prefer to take my life into my own hands and start making things happen.

So how do you make things happen? It all begins with the decision to make positive changes in your life. You have to want it. Success doesn't come easily. It's easy to revert back to your old habits. Don't settle for anything less than what you expect to achieve.

Next you need to take some time and think about the areas of your life you want to improve. What would you like to achieve in these areas? Only you can answer these questions.

Now you need a plan of action. What actions will it take to accomplish your objectives? Do you need to become more knowledgeable on the particular subject? Once you begin to acquire the knowledge required it will become clearer to you the steps that you need to take to get closer to your goal. Write everything out and hold yourself accountable. Set goals for yourself and smash through them.

Taking action cannot be taught. It is something that is left completely up to you. I think more often than not, it is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. There are plenty of books and programs out there to teach you the particular subject you are interested in. You can check my recommended reading page for suggested books covering various subjects. It is not the amount of knowledge you have that matters though, it is what you do with that knowledge that will determine your chances of success.

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The Most Important Key to Success

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